About Searching4More

Why by Millennials for Millennials?


Our plan is to begin video production done by students on several campuses.  Our dream is that there would be students on our college campuses working together discovering more about Jesus & His Kingdom and getting the word out to their generation. Share your ideas with us about  proclaiming Jesus and His Kingdom, so that the world would know Him and be set free in His Kingdom life.  

Why Are We Doing This?


God's purpose is to restore His Kingdom as He originally created it for us.  He has set it in our hearts to come alongside students to collaborate with this generation who can speak into the hearts of their peers.

What Can We Expect?


The possibilities are endless in expanding God's Kingdom by searching4more in God's Word together with Holy Spirit direction. 

We advance the Gospel of the Kingdom together as Jesus directed us in His Great Comission at the end of Matthew 28.

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